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Practical, Personal Assistance After The Death Of A Loved One

It is always a bit of a struggle after the death of a loved one. Grief over your loss can make it difficult to forge ahead with the closing out the final affairs of your family member. Dealing with funeral or memorial service arrangements is emotionally draining so it can be hard to talk about ordering enough death certificates, looking for their will or trust, working on an inventory of assets and debts and other probate and estate administration duties without the assistance of a probate attorney.

Probate is the legal process for ensuring proper distribution of your loved one’s assets as well as for ensuring final debts and taxes are paid. But not all estates will have to go through the probate process in Missouri. At Riley Stingley Brazas, we offer compassionate and knowledgeable probate advocacy.

Will Your Loved One’s Estate Skip Probate?

Estate administration can be confusing, but our attorneys are here to provide the guidance you need. Your loved one’s estate may not have to go through probate if:

  • They have a revocable trust
  • Their property was properly transferred into their trust
  • If they did not have a trust, but their real estate titles are tenancy by the entirety or as joint tenants with a right of survivorship
  • Their bank accounts have a transfer on death (TOD) or payable on death (POD) clause with a named beneficiary
  • The value of their estate is $40,000 or less

Other assets with named beneficiaries such as retirement accounts, life insurance policies or motor vehicles with more than your loved one’s name on the title will not be subject to probate.

Contact Us For Experienced Probate And Estate Administration

We can take the burden of frustration and stress of trying to ensure you follow all the right steps to finalizing your loved one’s affairs. We can also assist you if there are disputes that arise in the course of administering the estate, such as a will or trust contest. Call our office in Fulton at 573-416-2612 or send us an email to speak with an attorney soon.